These are made on a sewing machine and most of them are put-on-the-bed-and-throw-in-the-washer-when-the-cat-barfs-on-them type quilts. I am astounded by the beauty and precision of many quilts I see by serious quilters and I don't aspire to that. But I am in the process of getting a treadle sewing machine to continue making quilts.

Treadleon is a great resource for those of you interested in Treadle Machines.

I remember playing as a child underneath the quilting frame at my grandmother's house, while my mother and other ladies sat around it working on a quilt.

The first quilt - an anniversary for usThis star quilt kept wanting to turn into a parachute shape. It was an anniversary project for Murray and Me
Raging Grannies bannerQuilted Banner for the Raging Grannies one side - this song, to the tune of Frère Jacques is one of my favorites
Raging Grannies bannerQuilted Banner for the Raging Grannies the other side - the letters are from a wonderful tie dye skirt I wore to death.
Christmas quiltThis Christmas Quilt has little bells tied in the centre of the squares...I call it the insomniac's revenge
and the back of itThis is the back of the Christmas Quilt
this is a wall hanging based on the Underground Railway legendHidden in Plain View, is a book documenting an interesting oral history of how escaping slaves used quilt patterns to signal safe routes along the Underground Railway. This hanging is based on that legend. I made it for the office of the Employee Assistance Program...because I hope the courage of runaway slaves will inspire people seeking to confront their own problems.
Cecilia and Hamish's wedding quiltWedding Quilt for Cecilia and Hamish - This uses the same quilt block patterns as the Underground Railway Quilt but with very different colours
Jen and Jame's wedding quiltWedding Quilt for James and Jen - I think this one is my favorite - I really like the colours. It is based on a Kaffe Fasset Pattern
Karen and Brian's wedding quiltWedding Quilt for Karen and Brian - the centre section is a Kaffe Fasset pattern based on the mosaic in the floor of the Cathedral San Marco in Venice
and the back of itBack of it