St. Isidore
Spain 560- 636.

St. Isidore in paper maché with his new i-mac

Bishop and scholar, St. Isidore has been described as the most learned man of his age. He introduced the works of Aristotle to Spain. He compiled a Summa - the first encyclopedia of universal knowledge. Without this work much material from the Classical period would have been lost. He used his position as Archbishop to promote education leading to a decree that there be seminaries in every Cathedral City such as the one he founded in Seville

(His Etymologiae is still in print and available through Amazon - not bad for an academic work from over 1300 years ago)

In popular culture, there is a story of St. Isidore as a despairing young student running away from school because he was doing so poorly. He stopped by a spring of water to rest and noticed the water had drop by drop hollowed out the stone to hold a pool. Taking it as an inspiration for patient and hard work, Isidore returned to school and became the outstanding scholar of his age. He is also celebrated for his concern for the proper formation of the clergy, for his generosity to the poor and for his humility.

He is the Patron Saint of Students, Computers and the Internet.

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