St. Amalburga
7th Century The Netherlands/Belgium

Saint Amalburga in papermaché

Also known as Amalberga, Amalia or Amelia, Saint Amalburga was part of a family of Saints - married to Count Witger, she taught her children; St. Gudula, St. Emebert, and St. Reineldis. When their children were grown, both the Count and Amalburga retired to Benedictine monasteries. Amalburga recieved the veil from Saint Willibrord.

Legend has it that Amalburga embraced a life of asceticism and crossed a lake on a giant fish - a sturgeon. She is the patron saint against fever, bruises and arm pain - also the patron of Ghent where her relics have been since 1073.

Further information on St. Amalburga can be found in Lives of the Saints, The Catholic Encyclopedia or Saints Index on Catholic Forum

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