St. Fiacre
7th Century Ireland/France

St. Fiacre in papermaché

Also known as Fiachrach, Fiacrius, Fiaker or Fevre, Saint Fiacre was raised in an Irish Monastery where he became skilled in the use of herbs for healing. He moved to France where he was granted a hermitage by Saint Faro of Meaux with enough land to plant a garden for food and herbs.

His garden grew miraculously and he was noted for his gift of healing. His hermitage and garden became a place of pilgrimage. He is the patron of gardeners and florists.

In Paris the Hotel de Saint Fiacre, named after him, was the place that rented carriages or cabs and people began to refer to them as 'Fiacre cabs' or 'Fiacres' which has become the French word for taxi. It is through this connection that St. Fiacre is the patron saint of Cab or Taxi drivers. On August 30th, the feast day of St. Fiacre, St. Boniface Church in San Francisco California conducts an annual blessing of taxi drivers and their passengers.

Further information on St. Fiacre can be found in Lives of the Saints, The Catholic Encyclopedia or Saints Index on Catholic Forum

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