St. Magnus of Füssen
7th Century Bavaria

St. Magnus of Füssen in papermaché

A Benedictine Priest, student of St. Columban, St. Magnus founded the monastery of Füssen in Bavaria.

There are a number of marvelous stories involving animals associated with St. Magnus. He had to get rid of a dragon from land needed for the monastery but apparently spared one baby dragon who hunted rodents for local farmers in gratitude. In another story, Magnus is supposed to have met a bear who directed his to an iron deposit. Magnus gave the bear a piece of cake and the bear then led him and the rest of the monks to other iron deposits in the area helping found the main industry of the area.

St. Magnus is the patron for the protection of crops as well as against caterpillars, hail, lightning and snakes.

Further information on St. Magnus of Füssen can be found in Lives of the Saints, The Catholic Encyclopedia or Saints Index on Catholic Forum

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