St. Anthony of Padua
13th Century Spain & Italy

St. Anthony in papermaché

Born in Lisbon to a wealthy family, Anthony gave up the life as a nobleman to become a poor Franciscan Priest. He was later moved to enter the Friars Minor and set out for Morocco to evangelize but was shipwrecked at Sicily. He went to San Paolo where he lived in a cave coming out to attend Mass and sweep the local Monastery.

One day he was asked to address the brothers and his gift for preaching was so outstanding that he spent the rest of his life travelling, preaching and teaching in Italy and France. He is said to have preached to fish who rose to the surface to listen to him. In one version of this story he went to preach to these fish claiming the people were not paying enough attention.

St. Anthony is best known as the Patron of lost articles - a little rhyme and spinning ritual celebrates this - when you are looking for something you are supposed to turn around and say "Tony Tony look around, something's lost and must be found". He is also the patron against shipwrecks, starvation and barrenness, and the patron of domestic animals, fishermen, mariners, travel hostesses, mail and many other subjects.

There are many publications and sources of information on St. Anthony of Padua. There is a nice passage in the novel Our Lady of the Lost and Found by Diane Schoemperlen. General information can be found in Lives of the Saints, The Catholic Encyclopedia or Saints Index on Catholic Forum

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