St. Cecilia
Rome: Died circa 177

St. Cecilia in paper maché with Dreidl on violin and Sparky on button accordion

Early Christian martyr, St. Cecilia was a young, beautiful patrician who converted her husband and brother in law to Christianity. During the persecution of the early Christians, they gave proper burial to martyrs and were martyred themselves. When Cecila buried them she was arrested for her action and brutally martyred. The Basilica of St. Cecilia in Rome is believed to be located on the site of her home.

She is the patron of music, musicians, musical instrument makers, singers, composers and poets, and is usually pictured playing a lute or a pipe organ surrounded by cherubs. If the good saint is anything like her namesake, my niece, she would enjoy a few family pets participating in her heavenly ceilidh.

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