Day 2 Saturday:

Cooking Mulberry Fibres

After soaking the kilo of dried fibre, it was cooked in a large pot in a solution of 20 grams of Soda Ash and boiling water. It was brought to a slow boil and watched for several hours. The object of cooking the fibres in soda ash for so long is to remove everything that is not cellulose. Tanya   cooking the fibre
testing the fibreEvery 30 minutes we tested the fibre to see how easily it separated both along and across the grain.
The fibres were stirred and turned over in the cooking pot each half hour as well. After two and a half hours it seemed ready.more cooking
examining the fibreOnce drained and rinsed the fibre was placed in the sink again to rinse for an hour in slowly running water.
rinsing out all the soda ash etc.
After it had rinsed for an hour, we carefully squeezed the excess water from it - being gentle - and then picked out any hard or discoloured bits by hand.
prepared fibre

This is how the cooked and washed fibre looked.

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